Oasis Vegan Treats

The 1st All-Vegan Plant-based Outlet in Gujarat!

Oasis Vegan Treats is a small team of super dedicated people who believe in sustainable living; minimizing our collective impact on the Earth; and through our community, supporting the organic and living foods movements, the Earth, and her forests. Our goal is to make available to everyone the freshest, best-tasting, organic, all-natural foods while giving something back to the communities we serve.

We believe in using Fresh, Natural and, wherever possible, only Organic ingredients and we've made sure you get a minimally-processed product that retains a valuable amount of micronutrients. We do not use any artificial ingredients or preservatives in our products.

Thus their shelf-life may more or less depend on the individual item. It may stay longer than the best-before date but we request you to enjoy them freshly! They are also best for the prevention and cure of diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, and similar diseases.

Great taste or great value?
With Oasis Vegan Treats, it's easy to choose both!

What We Do

The Menu

The All Plant-Based Vegan Diet.

Organic Spices

(Home grown at Oasis Valleys)

Winter Special Sweets

(Made from Chemical-free Jaggery)

Nutri Energy Bars / Balls

(Sugar-free) (200gm)

Vegan Plant Based Cakes

(Whole Wheat Flour)

Vegan Plant Based Cakes


Biscotti Gift Packs

Assorted Cookies Packs

Special Sweets Hampers